As a staff-led school, DREAM has committees that staff sit-on to manage various affairs of the school.

As part of our mission to prepare students for active participation in a democratic society, we felt it was paramount that we model this practice for our students. Being a staff-led school allows staff to work collaboratively to shape the development of the school and empower each other to have a voice. By working together to lead the school, DREAM staff are modeling the very democratic process for which we hope to prepare our students.


The mission of the curriculum committee is to provide leadership, guidance, and oversight of the academic curriculum, which includes purpose and policies, to ensure compliance with Minnesota State Graduation Standards and DREAM Technical Academy graduation requirements. To accomplish this objective, the committee will work to ensure that the curriculum is sound, comprehensive, innovative, and responsive to the evolving needs of the students as well as businesses and local communities.


The Personnel Committee is responsible for selecting colleagues (recruiting and interviewing), evaluating colleagues, terminating colleagues, establishing staff size, allocation of personnel to teaching and support staff positions, selecting and deselecting leaders, and allocating salaries and benefits in coordination with the Finance Committee. The Personnel Committee is also responsible for providing access to professional development opportunities to staff as needed. EdVisions Schools will serve in the capacity of approving and recording CEUs for teacher licensure renewal.


The Finance Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining a budget, including specific funds, for DREAM Technical Academy with guidance from berganKDV. Committee members are responsible for seeking appropriate grants, writing grant proposals, accepting grants, and following through with grant requirements and reporting. Committee members also take requests and make decisions for funding throughout the year.


The Marketing Committee will share our school’s message and image with current and former students, families, businesses, organizations, and the surrounding communities. The committee’s focuses are student retention and student recruitment through broadcasting events and specific student achievements, communicating with parents and students via Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, website postings, and other mediums in order to encourage open communication and transparency.

School Climate and Culture

The School Climate and Culture Committee is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming, and fun learning environment where collaboration is encouraged with students, staff, parents/guardians, and the community. The committee will organize school-wide community building activities and events. They will address advisory change requests by students and will respond to school-wide related complaints, questions, or concerns from parents/guardians and students.

The Site Committee

This committee is responsible for identifying current and future facility requirements and relaying those to appropriate agencies for incorporation to enhance a learning environment.  Committee will work with appropriate agencies for any future moves in coordination with DREAM Staff, Committees and Board as appropriate.

The On boarding Committee

Will create and coordinate the on boarding process of orienting and acclimating students, parents/guardians and staff to DREAM.

Develop student and staff checklists for on boarding, complete with a schedule of on boarding events.

Develop a PBL starter kit that would outline keys to success for a student Ensure that students, parents/guardians and staff have a comfort level in transitioning to project based learning environment.

Introduce DREAM’s philosophy and TAM’s mission and vision.

Provide a road map for students, parents/guardians and staff regarding school processes and setting expectations.

Ensure we have all the required paperwork prior to student starting at DREAM.

Host a Welcome Meeting for students, parents/guardian and staff who will be working with the student