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We are a tuition-free, 7th-12th grade public charter school. Upon graduation, students receive a traditional diploma before they embark on their next journey. Call today or fill-out our online form for a tour!



“Where serious people go to broaden their minds and learn to live the rest of their lives.”

This sentence encapsulates our educational mission here at DREAM. We aim to build a community of learners who are dedicated to expanding their experiences and challenging ideas that are taken for granted. By supporting and encouraging each other in our day to day learning, we will be shaping the next generation for active participation in our democracy. Through this growth, students will learn the skills necessary to be successful individuals in a rapidly changing future!

“I love that DREAM allowed me to be myself, which allowed me to find myself. I feel like DREAM has really made me ready to be an adult and have a successful career and life.”

DREAM TA Graduate
  • A student-driven, small learning community

  • Hands-on, student directed learning and discovery

  • Project-based learning opportunities focused on life skills

  • Autonomy and belongingness

  • College readiness, career preparedness, and civic engagement

  • One to one technology

  • Extra-curricular activities offered through CCS

  • A caring, safe culture that values a Restorative Justice philosophy

Our students’ interests drive their learning environment, which leads to high levels of ownership, engagement, and hope. Daily opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, and exploration foster a natural love of learning in students that goes well beyond the school walls. Students also learn the value of citizenship as they work side by side with our leading community professionals.


“This is an amazing environment where students can find their place and get clarity on who they are”

DREAM TA Parent/Guardian

“My experience at DREAM was amazing. I totally recommend it to anyone who has a creative/different way of learning.”

DREAM TA Graduate

“Project based learning gives our children the opportunity to learn and problem solve.”

DREAM TA Parent/Guardian


Every month we wish to showcase some of the happenings at DREAM and celebrate the successes our students accomplish along their journey.

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Where people go to broaden their minds & learn to live the rest of their lives.

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