The TAM Board meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Due to COVID-19 Meetings held in public locations as indicated below will be limited to 10 people. Meetings are also available online using link found below.

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Regular Board Meeting will be Tuesday, May 25th, at 6:30 pm

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The TAM school board has the following openings in 2021:

Community Member 2: The Community Member 2 position on our school board will be a 2 year term. This is a position that must be filled by a member of the community who is not employed by Technical Academies and who does not have a student enrolled at either site.

Each school board member is expected to attend monthly school board meetings that usually occur on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM, any special school board meeting, and participate in committees when appropriate as well as do duties as assigned at board meetings by the governance council. Please see read TAM’s Affidavit and fill out the application and return it to [email protected] or drop it off at either TAM location ASAP.



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1. Governance Subcommittee: Jackie S, Garret B, Joshua N, Lynn S, Dawn N

Purpose: The Governance Subcommittee was created to review the TAM bylaws and TAM board policies.

Next Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of each month 6pm via Zoom- see agenda for link

Governance Subcommittee Agendas                                                 Meeting Minutes

5/18/2021                                                                                              5/18/2021

4/20/2021                                                                                               4/20/2021

3/16/2021                                                                                                3/16/2021

2/16/2021                                                                                                2/16/2021

1/19/2021                                                                                                 1/19/2021

12/15/2020                                                                                              12/15/2020

11/17/2020                                                                                               11/17/2020

10/20/2020                                                                                               10/2020

9/15/2020                                                                                                  9/2020

8/18/2020–                                                                                                 8/2020

7/2020                                                                                                          7/2020

6/2020                                                                                                         6/2020

05/19/2020 6 pm                                                                                       5/2020                                                              

3/23/17                                                                                              3/23/2017  

11/16/17  7pm                                                                                  11/16/17

11/27/17 6pm                                                                                   11/27/17

12/11/17 4pm                                                                                    1/2/18

1/18/18 4pm                                                                                       1/18/18

1/30/18 4pm

2/6/18 4PM                                                                                         2/6/18

2/13/18 4PM                                                                                      2/13/18

3/13/18                                                                                              3/20/18


2. Academic Excellence Committee:  Jaime Larson, Garret Bitker, Sam Bultsma, Jim Barnes

Purpose:  Committee will evaluate performance of each school and report back to the the board.  Committee will work with each site to find ways the TAM board can help them be successful.

Next Meeting: 1st Tuesday each month 5pm via Zoom, Agendas, dates and times below- Zoom link in Agenda

Agenda                                                                                         Meeting Minutes

5/4/2021                                                                                    5/4/2021

4/6/2021                                                                                    4/6/2021

3/2/2021                                                                                    3/2/2021

2/2/2021                                                                                    2/2/2021

1/5/2021                                                                                     1/5/2021

12/1/2020                                                                                  12/1/2020

No November meeting due to Election night

10/6/2020                                                                                  10/6/2020

9/1/2020                                                                                 9/1/2020

8/4/2020                                                                                8/4/2020

7/7/2020                                                                                 7/7/2020





2/4/20- 5:00-6:00pm

11/17/17                                                                                       11/17/17

3/19/18                                                                                          8/14/18



3. Expansion Subcommittee: James Barnes, Garret Bitker, Josh Naples- Second Tuesday of each Month this is on hold temporarily (starting 2/2021)

Expansion Subcommittee Agendas                                                  Meeting Minutes

2/9/2021                                                                                                 2/9/2021

1/12/2021                                                                                                1/12/2021

12/8/2020- Meeting cancelled

11/10/2020                                                                                                                  10/13/2020

2/9/2017                                                               2/9/2017

2/28/2017                                                                               2/28/2017                                                                                                                                     3/28/2017                                                                                       3/28/2017                                                                                                                                                                          4/25/2017

4. Finance Subcommittee: 2nd Tuesday of Each Month- Kelly E, 

Agendas                                                                                      Minutes

5/11/2021                                                                                  5/11/2021

4/13/2021                                                                                 4/13/2021

3/9/2021                                                                                   3/9/2021

2/9/2021                                                                                   2/9/2021

1/12/2021                                                                                  1/12/2021

12/8/2020                                                                                 12/8/2020

2/4/2020- 3;15-4:15

5. Strategic Planning Subcommittee

4/29/2021                                                                                4/29/2021

5/11/2021                                                                                 5/11/2021

5/25/2021                                                                                5/25/2021

Strategic Planning

Technical Academies of Minnesota (TAM) conducts strategic planning; district looking for community input via survey

TAM is in the initial stage of developing a strategic plan. The school board is working with the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) to provide guidance and assist with the planning.

The school board is seeking input from school district residents and staff to help in identifying the school district’s strengths and areas for improvement. School district residents and staff can give the school board feedback by completing a survey or attending a community forum scheduled for [date]. The information gathered from the survey and community forum will be analyzed by the MSBA and used to help identify school district strategic priorities.

You can provide input by filling out the online version of the “TAM Strategic Planning Survey.” Just go the, and click on the “TAM Strategic Planning Survey” before 12pm on 4/18/2021, to fill it out;

■ Or, you can stop by the TAM office at
1705 16th Street NE
Willmar, MN 56201 ,
or any school building to pick up a copy and fill it out. Completed surveys should be returned by 12pm on 4/18/2021, to the district office at the above address;
■ Or, you can either call Chelsey Nelson at 507-400-4009 to request a copy to be sent to your home, or request a copy of the survey via email by contacting [email protected] ;
■ Or, you can attend the community forum scheduled for 4/12/2021, at [time], in ZOOM.

The survey will be open until 12pm on 4/18/2021.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated by the TAM School Board.  If you have any questions about the survey or strategic planning process, please contact MSBA’s Gail Gilman at 507-934-2450, or [email protected]

Listening Sessions- open to all will be held 4/12/2021