The TAM Board meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Due to COVID-19 Meetings held in public locations as indicated below will be limited to 10 people. Meetings are also available online using link found below.

Regular Board meeting will be Tuesday October 27th, at 6:30 pm

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Regular Board Meetings Link 4th Tuesday

Garret Chair is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: TAM Board Regular Business Meeting
Time: May 26, 2020 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Every month on the Fourth Tue, until Dec 22, 2020, 8 occurrence(s)
May 26, 2020 06:30 PM
Jun 23, 2020 06:30 PM
Jul 28, 2020 06:30 PM
Aug 25, 2020 06:30 PM
Sep 22, 2020 06:30 PM
Oct 27, 2020 06:30 PM
Nov 24, 2020 06:30 PM
Dec 22, 2020 06:30 PM
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The TAM school board has the following openings in 2020:

Community Member 2: The Community Member 2 position on our school board will be a 2 year term. This is a position that must be filled by a member of the community who is not employed by Technical Academies and who does not have a student enrolled at either site.

Each school board member is expected to attend monthly school board meetings that usually occur on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM, any special school board meeting, and participate in committees when appropriate as well as do duties as assigned at board meetings by the governance council. Please see read TAM’s Affidavit and fill out the application and return it to [email protected] or drop it off at either TAM location ASAP.


Click here to access our September board materials.


1. Governance Subcommittee: Jackie S, Garret B, Marie H.

Purpose: The Governance Subcommittee was created to review the TAM bylaws and TAM board policies.

Next Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of each month 6pm via Zoom- see agenda for link

Governance Subcommittee Agendas                                                 Meeting Minutes 


7/2020                                                                                                          7/2020

6/2020                                                                                                         6/2020

05/19/2020 6 pm                                                                                       5/2020                                                              

3/23/17                                                                                              3/23/2017  

11/16/17  7pm                                                                                  11/16/17

11/27/17 6pm                                                                                   11/27/17

12/11/17 4pm                                                                                    1/2/18

1/18/18 4pm                                                                                       1/18/18

1/30/18 4pm

2/6/18 4PM                                                                                         2/6/18

2/13/18 4PM                                                                                      2/13/18

3/13/18                                                                                              3/20/18


2. Academic Excellence Committee:  Jaime Larson, Garret Bitker, Sam Bultsma, Jim Barnes

Purpose:  Committee will evaluate performance of each school and report back to the the board.  Committee will work with each site to find ways the TAM board can help them be successful.

Next Meeting: 1st Tuesday each month 5pm via Zoom, Agendas, dates and times below- Zoom link in Agenda

Agenda                                                                                         Meeting Minutes





11/17/17                                                                                       11/17/17

3/19/18                                                                                          8/14/18



2/4/20- 5:00-6:00pm

3. Expansion Subcommittee: Will be meeting soon stay tuned

Expansion Subcommittee Agendas                                                  Meeting Minutes

Currently on Hold

2/9/2017                                                                                         2/9/2017                                                                                                                                                                                 2/28/2017                                                                                       2/28/2017                                                                                                                                     3/28/2017                                                                                       3/28/2017                                                                                                                                                                          4/25/2017

4. Finance Subcommittee:see below for dates and times

2/4/2020- 3;15-4:15



BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of Independent School District No. 4217, State of Minnesota as follows:

  1. It is necessary for the school district to hold its general election for the purpose of electing four school board members for terms of two (2) years each.

The Recorder shall include on the ballot the names of the individuals who file affidavits of candidacy on said general election during the period for filing such affidavits, as though they had been included by name in this resolution.

The Recorder shall not include on the ballot the names of individuals who file timely affidavits of withdrawal in the manner specified by law.

  1. The general election is hereby called and directed to be held on Tuesday, the twenty seventh October, 2020, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at DREAM or CHOICE Technical Academies.
  2. Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 205A.11, the school district combined polling places and the precincts served by those polling places, as previously established and designated by school board resolution for school district elections not held on the day of a statewide election, are hereby designated for said general election.
  3. The Recorder is hereby authorized and directed to cause written notice of said general election to be provided to the county auditor of each county in which the school district is located, in whole or in part, at least seventy-four (74) days before the date of said election. The notice shall include the date of said general election and the office or offices to be voted on at said general election.

The recorder is hereby authorized and directed to cause notice of said general election to be posted at the administrative offices of the school district at least ten (10) days before the date of said general election.

The recorder is hereby authorized and directed to cause a sample ballot to be posted at the administrative offices of the school district at least four (4) days before the date of said general election and to cause a sample ballot to be posted in each polling place on election day. The sample ballot shall not be printed on the same color paper as the official ballot. The sample ballot for a polling place must reflect the offices, candidates and rotation sequence on the ballots used in that polling place.

The recorder is hereby authorized and directed to cause notice of said general election to be published in the official newspaper of the school district for two (2) consecutive weeks with the last publication being at least one (1) week before the date of said election.

The notice of election so posted and published shall state the offices to be filled set forth in the form of ballot below, and shall include information concerning each established precinct and polling place.

The recorder is authorized and directed to cause the rules and instructions for use of the optical scan voting system to be posted in each polling place on election day.

  1. The recorder is authorized and directed to acquire and distribute such election materials as may be necessary for the proper conduct of this election, and generally to cooperate with election authorities conducting other elections on that date. The clerk and members of the administration are authorized and directed to take such actions as may be necessary to coordinate this election with those other elections, including entering into agreements or understandings with appropriate election officials regarding preparation and distribution of ballots, election administration and cost sharing.
  2. The recorder is further authorized and directed to cause or to cooperate with the proper election officials to cause ballots to be prepared for use at said election in substantially the following form, with such changes in form, color and instructions as may be necessary to accommodate an optical scan voting system.



Technical Academies of Minnesota


OCTOBER 27, 2020


To vote, completely fill in the ovals(s)next to your choice(s) like this:



Garret Bitker- CHOICE Licensed Staff

Jacklyn Skrukrud- DREAM Community Member

_______________- DREAM Parent Representative

_______________- CHOICE Community Member

write-in, if any

write-in, if any

write-in, if any

Optical scan ballots must be printed in black ink on white material, except that marks to be read by the automatic tabulating equipment may be printed in another color ink. The name of the precinct and machine-readable identification must be printed on each ballot. Voting instructions must be printed at the top of the ballot on each side that includes ballot information. The instructions must include an illustration of the proper mark to be used to indicate a vote. Lines for initials of at least two election judges must be printed on one side of the ballot so that the judges’ initials are visible when the ballots are enclosed in a secrecy sleeve.

  1. The name of each candidate for office at this election shall be rotated with the names of the other candidates for the same office in the manner specified in Minnesota law.
  2. If the school district will be contracting to print the ballots for this election, the recorder is hereby authorized and directed to prepare instructions to the printer for layout of the ballot. Before a contract in excess of $1,000 is awarded for printing ballots, the printer shall furnish, in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Section 204D.04, a sufficient bond, letter of credit, or certified check acceptable to the recorder in an amount not less than $1,000 conditioned on printing the ballots in conformity with the Minnesota election law and the instructions delivered. The recorder shall set the amount of the bond, letter of credit, or certified check in an amount equal to the value of the purchase.
  3. The recorder is hereby authorized and directed to provide for testing of the optical scan voting system within fourteen (14) days prior to the election date. The clerk shall cause notice of the time and place of the test to be given at least two (2) days in advance of publication once in the official newspaper, by posting a notice, and by notifying the county or legislative district chair of each major political party.
  4. The recorder is hereby authorized and directed to cause notice of the location of the counting center or the place where the ballots will be counted to be published in the official newspaper at least once during the week preceding the week of the election and in the newspaper of widest circulation once on the day preceding the election, or once the week preceding the election if the newspaper is a weekly.
  5. As required by Minnesota Statutes, Section 203B.121, the Board hereby establishes a ballot board to process, accept and reject absentee ballots at school district elections not held in conjunction with the state primary or state general election or that are conducted by a municipality on behalf of the school district and generally to carry out the duties of a ballot board as provided by Minnesota Statutes, Section 203B.127 and other applicable laws. The ballot board must consist of a sufficient number of election judges trained in the handling of absentee ballots. The ballot board may include deputy county auditors or deputy city clerks who have received training in the processing and counting of absentee ballots. The recorder or the recorder’s designee is hereby authorized and directed to appoint the members of the ballot board. The recorder or the recorder’s designee shall establish, maintain and update a roster of members appointed to and currently serving on the ballot board and shall report to the Board from time to time as to its status. Each member of the ballot board shall be paid reasonable compensation for services rendered during an election at the same rate as other election judges; provided, however, if a staff member is already being compensated for regular duties, additional compensation shall not be paid for ballot board duties performed during that staff member’s duty day
  6. The following individuals, each of whom is qualified to serve as an election judge, are hereby appointed as judges of election, to act as such at the respective polling places listed below:

Technical Academies of Minnesota Election Judges – 

CHOICE- Gayle Bitker


The election judges shall act as clerks of election, count the ballots cast and submit the results to the school board for canvass in the manner provided for other school district elections.

  1. The Recorder shall make all Campaign Financial Reports required to be filed with the District under Minnesota Statutes section 211A.02 available on the District’s website. The recorder must post the report on the District’s website as soon as possible, but no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the receipt of the report. The District must make a report available on the District’s website for four years from the date the report was posted on the website. The clerk must also provide the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board with a link to the section of the website where reports are made available.

The motion by Kelly Enriquez for the adoption of this resolution was duly seconded by Jim Barnes, and upon vote being taken thereon the following voted in favor of this resolution:

And the following voted against this resolution:

Whereupon this resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.



COUNTY OF Steele and Kandiyohi )

I, the undersigned, being the duly qualified and acting Recorder of Independent School District No. 4217 , Technical Academies of Minnesota, Minnesota, hereby certify that the attached and foregoing is a full, true and correct transcript of the minutes of a meeting of the school board of said school district duly called and held on the date therein indicated, so far as such minutes relate to the calling of a general election of said school district, and that the resolution included therein is a full, true and correct copy of the original thereof.

WITNESS MY HAND officially as such recorder this 25th day of August, 2020.

Jacklyn Skrukrud